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  • Dick_Clark_Myrna_Horowitz_American_Bandstand_17th_Anniverary_1970

    A Look at a Legend: Bobby Helms

    Although you may not recognise his name, the voice of Bobby Helms has become a familiar one, filling homes all over the world during the festive season. The man behind Christmas single ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, Bobby Helms became an overnight...

  • Image: Verbier Lodge

    It’s Never Too Late for some Last-Minute Christmas and New Year Luxury Holidays

    Whether it’s snow or sun you hope to find under the Christmas tree this year, Billionaires‘ list of the best last-minute luxury holidays, from Switzerland to the buzzing cosmos of the Big Apple, are sure to put you in...

  • Deep-fried crickets, Author name here

    You’ll Never Believe This New Fine Dining Trend…

    Food trends don’t come much weirder than the latest big thing featuring on the menus of top restaurants across the world: BUGS! If you’ve ever been to Thailand you may have come across bugs being served in food markets, everything...

  • Michael Kors tote bag. Image: Peddhapiti

    Style with a Smile: The Story of Michael Kors

    One of the most influential names in the world of fashion, Michael Kors has fought his way to success through bankruptcy to become a true icon of women’s apparel. Boasting an eye for fashion from the age of five,...

Billionaires Buzz

  • Australian Hobbit Fans Spend Thousands on Costumes

    Australian Hobbit Fans Spend Thousands on Costumes

    Fans of the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien showed their appreciation for the final Hobbit film, dressing up and travelling to New Zealand. Some fans, however, took things to the extreme, spending thousands of dollars on their costumes...

  • World’s Most Golden Loaf

    World’s Most Golden Loaf

    If you’ve ever wondered how to guarantee a nice, golden crust on your loaf then follow the advice of the Spanish bakery using gold dust. The exquisite loaf of bread has all the usual ingredients you would expect; wholewheat...

  • Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Your Smartphone

    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Your Smartphone

    The rise of the smartphone has been universal and innovators now reckon we’ll soon not only be able to surf the net, watch videos and share face time via our phones – we’ll also be able to share smells....

  • Could Comet End Life on Earth?

    Could Comet End Life on Earth?

    Scientists in Germany believe that life on Earth could be ended by a deadly comet. But don’t start panicking yet. The team at the Max Planck Institute which is researching the phenomenon say it’s not likely to happen for...

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  • Brazilian Billionaire Buys Stake in Carrefour

    Business News

    Brazilian Billionaire Buys Stake in Carrefour

    Retail giant Carrefour has announced that it has sold 10 per cent of its Brazilian subsidiary to billionaire Albilio Diniz for $672 million (AU$823 million). The French company is the second largest retailer in the world based on sales....

  • Eight Children Killed at Australian Home

    In-depth News

    Eight Children Killed at Australian Home

    Eight children have been murdered at a home in Cairns, northern Queensland, and the mother is in hospital with stab wounds. The 34-year-old woman, who police say was the mother to at least seven of the killed children, is...

  • Charity Receives Emerald Necklace from Mystery Donor

    Billionaires Buzz

    Charity Receives Emerald Necklace from Mystery Donor

    More secret Santas have been operating in the US this holiday season, with a charity receiving a gift of a gold and gem necklace from a mystery donor that has been valued at more than $1,000 (AU$1,226). The Salvation...

  • Image: Notaplaceforart"

    Billionaires NewsWire

    Billionaires Investigates the Sounds of Seduction

    When Orisino utters the famous words, ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ in Twelfth Night, it is in the hope that a love song might ease his aching heart. But had he lived in modern times,...

  • Boko Haram Kill 33 and Kidnap over 100 in Village Raid

    News Headline

    Boko Haram Kill 33 and Kidnap over 100 in Village Raid

    Islamic militant group Boko Haram has stormed a village in north-east Nigeria, killing 33 people and kidnapping at least 100 more. A survivor from the attack has told the BBC that suspected Boko Haram militants had seized young men,...

  • Millions of Dollars of Stolen Art Recovered in LA

    Billionaires Buzz

    Millions of Dollars of Stolen Art Recovered in LA

    Stolen works of art worth an astonishing $10 million (AU$12.2 million) have been recovered in the US. Among the pictures were pieces by celebrated artists including Marc Chagall and Diego Rivera, which were taken from the home of a...

  • The_Great_Wall_of_China

    Billionaires NewsWire

    The Seven Man-Made Wonders of the World

    Over the course of human history, many lists of the wonders of the world have been compiled based on public and expert opinion, amazing feats of engineering and broken world records. From incredible structures and inventions to natural phenomena and...

  • bauble

    Billionaires NewsWire

    The Most Expensive Christmas Decorations Money Can Buy

    All that glitters is not gold, but if you’re extremely wealthy, it can be. And what better way than to show off your mega bucks during the festive season than by adorning your home with the most expensive Christmas...

  • 464px-Stefan_Persson

    Billionaires NewsWire

    Stefan Persson: Sweden’s Richest Man

    H&M chairman Stefan Persson is Sweden’s richest man and one of the fashion industry’s richest billionaires, amassing a fortune of $31.2 million (AU$39.1 million). Persson, 67, took over the running of H&M from his father Erling in 1982 and...

  • dune-buggy3

    Billionaires Buzz

    The World’s Most Expensive Dune Buggy

    The latest design from Swedish firm Gray Designs, the Sidewinder dune buggy combines fun with luxury. For those who have a taste for adventure but would like to be comfortable at the same time, this stunning dune buggy is...