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  • Image: Florian Christoph

    David Hains: The Richest Race Horse Breeder in the World?

    David Hains might not be a familiar name to most people but he has built up a vast fortune that makes him one of the richest people in the world. Valued at a massive $2.3 billion (AU$2.65 billion) by...

  • Matinloc Island Beach. Image: glwx

    Top Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2015

    With a fresh year about to start, many will be scouring the internet in search of the best holiday destinations to pay a visit to in 2015. From unspoilt wildernesses to buzzing metropolises, picking your perfect break couldn’t be easier...

  • IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer. Image: Argonne National Laboratory

    Supercomputers: Next Stop, the Future

    Behind the scenes in countries all over the world, one of the world’s most important races is currently being run. It is the race to build the world’s most powerful computer; Billionaires has taken a look at the inner workings...

  • Image: Peter Nussbaumer

    The Lost Technology of Ancient Egyptians

    The Ancient Egyptians are well known for creating some of the wonders of the ancient – and the modern – world. Their construction, medical, scientific and agricultural skills were absolutely phenomenal and today’s scientists still haven’t got to the bottom...

Billionaires Buzz

  • One Stray Dog’s Extreme Journey to Happiness

    One Stray Dog’s Extreme Journey to Happiness

    They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and the day that Mikael Lindnord met a scruffy hound in the Amazon rainforest signifies the start of a true friendship. Lindnord is captain of a team of Swedish athletes who...

  • Casablanca Piano Sells for $3.4 Million

    Casablanca Piano Sells for $3.4 Million

    The famous piano that featured in the classic film Casablanca has been sold at auction for a massive $3.4 million (AU$4 million). The piano is famed for the scene where Sam (played by Dooley Wilson) plays ‘As Time Goes...

  • 138p-4c2f20d30b6e851baf11f99f746a5863

    Billionaires Entrepreneur’s Record Breaking Property Purchase

    The entrepreneur behind Billionaires has made a record purchase of a home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsford. The home was bought for AU$4.15 million, noted as the highest price ever paid for a Kingsford property, according to RP...

  • Australia’s Million Dollar Floating Christmas Tree

    Australia’s Million Dollar Floating Christmas Tree

    As Christmas nears it becomes time to start thinking about getting a tree. Do you go real or fake? Whatever your choice, one thing is almost certain: you will not be spending anywhere near the amount that Geelong city...


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  • Gabrielle_Chanel_en_marinière

    Billionaires Fashion

    A Look at a Legend: Coco Chanel

    The name Coco Chanel is one that is known throughout the world thanks to the reputation of one of fashion’s most illustrious brands, Chanel. Despite her humble beginnings, Coco Chanel created a fashion empire that still dominates the industry...

  • load-line-188952_640

    Billionaires Fashion

    The House of Chanel: The Pinnacle of Prestige and Panache

    A fashion brand with a reputation that exceeds almost any other in the world, Chanel has long been a name associated with the very height of luxury fashion. Ever focused on achieving a delicate combination of style and comfort,...

  • 800px-Sydney_Opera_House_with_city

    Billionaires NewsWire

    Daring First Date Destinations

    Want to impress on a first date? Then opt for one of the more unique things Sydney has to offer … Dinner at popular restaurant or drinks at a sophisticated bar are the options most people go for when...

  • O’Keeffe Painting is World’s Most Expensive

    Billionaires Buzz

    O’Keeffe Painting is World’s Most Expensive

    A painting by the late painter Georgia O’Keeffe has broken the record for the most expensive piece of artwork by a woman. The painting of a white flower was bought for a record $44.4 million (AU$55.1 million) at an...

  • Obama Announces Sweeping Immigration Reforms

    News Headline

    Obama Announces Sweeping Immigration Reforms

    US President Barack Obama has used a television address to deliver a message to the nation that he will shield five million people from being deported. The millions of immigrants currently living in the country illegally are going to...

  • Delta Opts for Airbus Planes over Boeing

    Business News

    Delta Opts for Airbus Planes over Boeing

    American airline Delta has announced that it is to replace its existing Boeing planes with a new set of Airbus jets. The company has said it will use 50 of the European Airbus wide-body planes, which are powered by...

  • The World’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

    Billionaires Buzz

    The World’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

    Kabul’s City Park can be seen as just your average fairground, with rides and characters wandering around greeting kids. But situated in war-torn Afghanistan, this theme park offers a rare piece of enjoyment to the children surviving in the...

  • Introducing... The Shapeshifting House

    Billionaires Buzz

    Introducing… The Shapeshifting House

    Architects have designed a revolutionary home that automatically changes itself in accordance with the season. The home has eight different arrangements and is able to fold into these as and when it is necessary. The structure, named D*Dynamic, was...

  • BlackRock Building. Image: Americasroof

    Billionaires NewsWire

    BlackRock: The Story of a Financial Puppet Master

    Becoming a major player in Wall Street’s cutthroat corridors of power is no mean feat, but making your way to the very top rungs of the financial game is something else entirely. In investment circles, few names hold the...

  • Sotheby's Chief Executive Steps Down

    Business News

    Sotheby’s Chief Executive Steps Down

    The chief executive of the renowned auction house Sotheby’s has stepped down after 14 years at the helm. William Ruprecht said in a statement that he was leaving his post by “mutual consent” after his predecessor had been chosen....