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  • George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin leave the city hall after their civil marriage ceremony in Venice, PA

    Breaking Hearts: George Clooney’s Whirlwind Wedding

    Women from around the world are mourning the loss of one of the most eligible bachelors of the 21st Century as the heart-meltingly gorgeous George Clooney finally weds stunning human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. In one of the most...

  • Samurai_with_sword

    Secrets of the Samurai: The World’s Fiercest Taxmen

    Anyone who watched the stunning fight scenes and the exceptional sword skills of Uma Thurman’s character in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, would no doubt have been impressed by the spectacular martial arts skills on display in the film. But roll back...

  • Steve Jurvetson

    Jeff Bezos: King of the Dotcom Billionaires

    The dotcom boom at the end of the nineties saw many people make their fortunes, but few could have seen their coffers grow to the extent of Jeff Bezos – the founder of Amazon. Bezos is a classic modern...

  • Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum

    Bill Gates, Philanthropist Extraordinaire

    Bill Gates is perhaps the most famous billionaire on the planet but the extraordinary thing about him is not the amount of money he has earned, it is how much he has given away. Known just as much for...

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  • New Technology could Dramatically Boost Smartphone Battery Use

    New Technology could Dramatically Boost Smartphone Battery Use

    A new technology linked to self-contained power sources has been developed by scientists that could see smartphone batteries able to last far longer. Phone batteries dying while out and about is a common bugbear for many, so the technology...

  • America's Most Expensive Hotel Named

    America’s Most Expensive Hotel Named

    The most expensive city hotel in America is in New York, research from a travel publication has confirmed. A survey from found that the Soho House, in the heart of New York’s popular Meatpacking District, far outweighs any...

  • Thumb Extender Released to help iPhone 6 Plus Users

    Thumb Extender Released to help iPhone 6 Plus Users

    The oversized screens of the new iPhone 6 Plus may be a problem for some who can’t reach all of the buttons, so some of the finest gadget minds in Japan have come up with a clever solution –...

  • Black Burger released by McDonald's Japan

    Black Burger released by McDonald’s Japan

    Fast food chain McDonald’s Japan has unveiled its quirkiest offering yet – a limited edition black Halloween cheeseburger. The delicacy – which is called the Ikasumi (squid ink) burger, comes complete with a black squid ink bun, two large...

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  • Discovery Sheds New Light on Da Vinci Works

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    Discovery Sheds New Light on Da Vinci Works

    A major new discovery has been made about some of artist Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings, which will help to highlight some of his painting techniques. French scientist and engineer, Pascal Cotte, has spent three years studying the...

  • World's Longest Wedding Dress Made in China

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    World’s Longest Wedding Dress Made in China

    The train of one of the longest wedding gowns in the world has been laid out by dressmakers in China, in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record. The dress’ train – which measures in at an...

  • Giant Sailing Boat Hospital to be Built by Billionaire

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    Giant Sailing Boat Hospital to be Built by Billionaire

    A high-tech hospital will be built in the shape of an enormous sailing ship by a Russian billionaire who is aiming to create the “most pleasant hospital in the world”. Vasily Klyukin’s White Sails Hospital and Spa in Tunisia...

  • abc2

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    Ten Incredible Locations you’ve Probably Never Heard of

    One of the benefits of wealth is the ability to enjoy luxury travel excursions and see some of the most amazing sights on Earth. Luxury travel can provide you with some truly unforgettable experiences and create memories that will...

  • 1024px-Q1_Q_Deck_day

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    Chinese Investors Swoon over Australian Property Market

    The Australian property market has been experiencing a sustained boom period over the past year and Chinese investment has been a key contributor. Indeed, whether portrayed in a positive or negative light, it has become well reported that wealthy...

  • New York's Long-Awaited High Line is Finally Finished

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    New York's Long-Awaited High Line is Finally Finished

    One of the most long-awaited projects in New York is finally complete, with the third section of the High Line elevated pathway now open to the public. The project was officially kicked off in 1999 and has been constructed...

  • World's First Onboard Picnic Service Launched by Heathrow

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    World's First Onboard Picnic Service Launched by Heathrow

    Fed up with plane food? Heathrow Airport is to offer the world's first onboard picnic service, which will see diners given the option to bring a tailor-made hamper onto their flight with them. Passengers can order the hamper from...

  • Harold holt, Altormainstream

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    The Most Mysterious Unexplained Human Disappearances

    History is rife with tales of disappearances that have baffled scientists for centuries and are sure to set hairs on end. Billionaires has created a list of the ten most mysterious disappearances, which have taken place across the world...

  • Nephilim

    Billionaires NewsWire

    Billionaires Investigates the Sons of Gods

    We all love a good mystery, and some of the best riddles that continue to divide the experts come from the myths and legends – or depending on your belief system – the true interpretation of religious books. One...

  • Capone1

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    Al Capone: Sinner or Saint?

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Al Capone is the real life figure who most personifies our idea of the gangster. But is Capone’s reputation justified, or was there another side to one of America’s most notorious criminals? Billionaires...